Tuesday, September 04, 2007

That BIG Yellow Monster is back!!!

Ok so this year I didn't cry.....yet!

So this year it was a bit easier, having the same bus driver helped a bit.

BUT I still have little butterflys in my stomach. I still can't wait to see him at 4pm.

I hate not knowing how is day is going.

I hope he doesn't get hurt at recess.

I hope it is still ok to put a little note in the lunch box.

But with all that said.....here is my 1000 words in pictures.


  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    i think the note will be okay . . . not too obvious . . he can read it as he wipes his mouth!! lol great pics . . .he looks so grownup in the closeup shot.


  2. I hope he had a great day too! Lunchtime notes from Mom rule! Even when I was in High School, every now and again I'd find one and smile!

  3. Josh looks so grown up in those pictures. I just love the note in the lunchbox, how sweet. And thanks for the pep talk yesterday, I soooo needed it, you rule!

  4. Oh my gosh, Rollie-Josh looks so grown up. Especially in that second photo! I put notes in my girls lunches and they still love it, even my fifth grader. In fact, I hear about it when I forget!