Thursday, September 27, 2007


I have been reading alot about this lately, making choices in life and practicing the whole "go with the flow" philosophy.

It is not going to happen over night, but I have definitely been finding peace in pursuing this. Also I don't see all 72 things being part of my life, but over all I think it is a good approach to life.

I know it is going to be a process, and there will be times where it will probably even seem like it will be to hard to do. But really how hard can simple be? (insert laughter here)

So it should be a great journey, and I am slowly going down the #s and seeing how I can do each of these in my life.

I know I have got away from taking a photo a day, and am rededicating myself to that. I see things and say, oh I need to get a picture of that...and then poof it is 10pm at night.

Kate is in Boston today....NY....DC....she is a traveling girl right now. Not getting to see much of her but she will be home on the weekend, so we will catch up then. Thankful we have cell phones, or we would never talk!

Well time to get Josh going and off on his day of school. Which he is LOVING! This year has been so wonderful, he is excited to go to school. He tells me it is great and he is loving it.
Yesterday he came home and told me that they call him the "Computer Wiz" He was doing his work and showing others how to do it also. I really like what I am seeing, the teacher has him very interested, he is doing "extra work" instead of just what is required.
I like that the teacher sends home both options and I let him choose. He always chooses the extra work. In spelling he is assigned to use 6 words in sentences, he used all 12 of his spelling words and wrote a little story instead. Got to love it when they show you more then they have to do.

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  1. So glad school is going well for Josh!

    I like the idea of simplifying life but I always seem to fall off track. Some day...