Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football Saturday!

I have to say, whatever happens all week , no matter how tiring , how stressful, it all fades away for 2 hours on Saturday! I know many probably think I need a life , but truthfully I have one that I love watching my son do something he loves. I love that kids get to do that. I can't say as a kid I always got to do that, but I love watching this little guy get to do it, and if I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing if it meant that this too would be different.

Josh is just doing so wonderful, he has found a passion and is going with it. The joy I see on his face can only be matched by what I feel inside when he gets to play. He is all about what is going on, whether he is playing on offense blocking or running, or on defense zoning in on a tackle. He is all about the game. He is all about doing it to the best of his ability. As you can see in the last photo, (one of my favorites of the year) he is parallel to the ground as he was stretched out reaching for the runner. He did get him just enough to trip up the kid and he fell down.
He had another tackle during the game where he came across the field and talked the kid by his ankles to save him from getting a touchdown about 5 yards out. It was amazing to watch how fast he was.
Josh also ran for 2 key 1st downs in the game with 4th and long to go. He didn't get to run in for any touchdowns today, but he had a wonderful game and he understands it isn't all about TD's. It is hard for him sometimes, he wants to score. But it is also a great lesson to know you helped your team, and without the other things you do in the game, we wouldn't get those TD's.

Next week we play on Sunday, and it is our 40th Anniversary celebration of the GreenJackets. It is going to be an exciting weekend for the organization. The Stillings family have volunteered most of our weekend to help out at the snack stand. So if you want a great cheeseburger and fries, stop by and see us! I love volunteering, it is good for the soul. I also love teaching Josh to give back , and pay it forward. Important lessons.

Well back to football Sunday, Tampa bay is winning and Josh is cheering loudly!

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