Thursday, February 23, 2006

A bouquet of friends

How beautiful is this ! But as I was editing these pictures , I was amazed to how many layers a rose has. Then I got thinking about humans....yep here we go . The ole line from Shrek.....I am like an onion...lots of layers.

I am not sure where all this is going , and those who have read my blog ....well welcome to my head....sometimes it can be painful !

I find each day that I learn more and more about people. How many layers there are in one person sometimes amazes me. We come in contact with so many people each and everyday so we only get to see the outer layer. Then as we get to know people ...develop relationships we get to see more layers.

Some people never open up , they keep their layers very close together and you never get to see the true beauty .

Some open up very fast , you get to perhaps get to know more about them then you ever really wanted to know . But they wilt away so fast.

Others open at a steady pace , you get to know each layer and you get to watch them grow and blossom , you enjoy each moment with them and they are the ones you remember .

There is nothing like a beautiful rose , but even more beautiful is a friendship and love that grows over time . I am so truely blessed by great friendships that are developing in my life. I have so many great womyn in my life and they are all so different , I just love watching each one bloom in its own time .

Thank you for being my friends..... because you as my friends make the rest of it all seem so small !


  1. Denise S.6:37 PM

    Rollie, I love reading your blog. Your writing is awesome and so - profound. You too could be a professional journalist like Sarah!! Off to crop in Hamburg!


  2. Loved what you wrote about the roses and people. So True!