Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Things that make me Happy !

I was thinking today , I have been really happy lately. Almost down right giddy !
I have been loving life , and it is not that everything is perfect...even tho I have had a bit of perfection lately. It is just that I have chosen to be happy . I was thinking today there are certain things that really have made me happy lately. Alot of it stems from the CHA show in Las Vegas. crate paper I am so excited we get to be one of the first stores to carry this wonderful line ! Lisa the owner ,designer emailed me the other day to say thank you !
Ali Edwards....I am so glad I got to meet her , and I hope to get to know her even more in this lifetime . Her energy is just amazing !
Donna Downey .....She is coming to memory lane , pa !!! WAhhhooooooooo!
Sarah , with whom I am so glad to be a partner in business with , but more to me that we are growing as friends !! And we are one rockin team !!
our customers ....I truely mean this ....they are simply the most amazing customers any store could have ! They support us in anyway they can , and they actually just love coming to the store , each time one walks in I get to know them a little bit more! We have so many amazing womyn walking thru our doors everyday , I feel so blessed !!
There are many other people and things that are making me happy right now , but those are the tops of today. Of course you all know that Josh is on a list all by himself !!!
So what is making you happy? Are you happy? Do you find yourself with a silly little grin in the middle of the day ? I hope so ....cause it is a wonderful feeling !

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