Tuesday, February 21, 2006

lachrymose... a new word I learned today thanks to Cathy Z .
had never heard it before but boy does it sum it up .
I had such a great day with Josh yesterday , we had a Josh and Mom day ...something I hadn't done in over 6 months. Since becoming part owner in memory lane, pa . So yesterday we went to lunch and we went to the movies. It was so great to just be hanging out with my little guy. I just look at him and can start tearing up . Seeing him grow is so wonderful and so painful. Sometimes feeling like sometimes I am just not doing enough , and sometimes getting so fustrated because no matter how much I do for him , he wants more. He is so impatient , loving , impatient. OH the poor guy is so much like me. His passions will take over ...
he will forever be striving to do more.
He will never stop dreaming.
I look in his eyes and see my reflection....that is so wonderful and so scarey.
He came up to me today and just gave me a kiss , then ran away saying Love you mom!
I have never known how much you can love another ...it just keeps growing everyday..... I am going to go and purchase Rockin the Suburbs by Ben Folds. Reading these blogs have cost me 4 pairs of Crocs and 1 cd this week !!

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  1. Oh my gosh! So glad I can now admit that I am going to get that CD too!! I really really need to stop reading these blogs!