Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Can you hear me now ??

So what happens when they turn 6 ? Is there some plug in there little bodies that turns off their hearing ? Some how you have to say things 3 times , each time perhaps a little louder for them to hear you ?? Then there are days like yesterday when I just had to say " time for bed , turn off the game boy " and POOF! He did , gave me a kiss and went to bed.
Today I had to speak to him several times and he still would not do what I asked . I was getting somewhat fustrated , and really glad he was going to school !
Then he gets in the car after school ....and he says " Guess what Mom ... I got a sticker today for Listening " !! And I swear I could hear ..." nah nah nah " under his breathe!!

It is truly amazing , this whole adventure that we are going on .

On Another note , it is nice to be done with wrestling now . Josh took 4th place this sunday in the last tourney . I just am so amazed how great the coaches were with all these kids this year. win or lose they treated each of them with such compassion and champions! I am looking forward to the few weeks till baseball starts. Looking forward to having some family nights , cooking dinner and also having some scrapping time .

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