Friday, February 03, 2006

Josh is 6 Today !

How can this be ?????? 6 years with him has gone so fast. I remember when we first found out that Josh was going to be part of our lifes. The fears and joys. How everyday I woke making sure I could feel him moving inside , how I would talk to him and sing to him. Then when he was born and I couldn't wait to hold him . How I didn't ever want to put him down , and I cherish each and every moment of his very fresh life. How as we drove away from the hospital with him in the backseat , I said to Kate " are they really going to let us take him home " The joy that Josh has brought into my life is just amazing . No matter how bad a day I am having , or how many people are mean to me . I have to only look into my son's eyes and melt like butta !
He came up to me today in the middle of playing with some children at the store and ran behind the counter looked up at me and said " I love you Mom!" , then ran back to play in the playroom . That just makes your day !!!
Wow Josh is 6 today , where does it all go ? I can't wait to go on this adventure with him . Each day is truely a new day in his eyes , and I get to share that with him. How much fun can that be.

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