Saturday, February 25, 2006

this was our Olympics today !

Today Josh took 1st Place in the wrestling tourney . It was a small tourney and there were only himself and this little guy in their weight class. They wrestled twice and Josh won twice , giving him 1st place. I have never seen Josh so proud of himself as he was today. After last weeks disappointing moments , this was so wonderful for him . ( Yep and me too !)
As I lay here watching the Olympics and seeing Ono the speed skater go over and hug his mom in the stands , I today felt that same feeling they must be feeling . I don't care what age or what level of sports your child is in . At that moment when they get to win and be called the best even if it is for just one minute just love seeing your child so very proud of himself. Feeling all the hard work has paid off. The best line of the day was when Josh looked at me and said " Mom , I am the Champion today !"
I let him know , he is always my Champion !
The Trophy is on my night stand right now , I think he wanted to bring it to bed with him tonight .
on Another note.....We went to see Eight Below tonight ...WOW .... I came home and hugged my puppies a little bit more tonight . That was an amazing story , I have a new found love for our furry friends.....they truly are the ULTIMATE portrayal of unconditional love.

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  1. Denise11:26 AM

    Congratulations Josh! Tell him Ethan's mom said she knew he could do it!!! I love the way his opponent looks so proud too - got his chest puffed out and all!! Sometimes you gotta lose in life to appreciate winning a bit more.