Thursday, February 09, 2006

Focus !

Hail to the coaches ! Josh is wrestling for the first time this year , and I have to say the coaches have been so wonderful with all the little guys. Wrestling is the first non team sport that Josh has done. Every other thing he has done he has teamates and they are always around. In wrestling it is just you and your opp and your coach trying to help you as you wrestle. This pic is after his last match on Sunday . His attention is so focused on what the coach is teaching him . He starts a series of 3 tourneys now for the next 3 sundays! This will end the season for him . I am not sure if Josh will wrestle again , because he is wanting to try basketball now. These two seasons are at the same time. I am so glad that he wanted to wrestle tho , he has learned so much about pushing himself and learning that as long as he does his best , you might still lose...but you are not a loser ! Josh ended his season at 3 - 7 . I am so very proud of him and hoping he does well in the tourneys !

He is not feeling well tonight , I am going to go cuddle with him .

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