Sunday, February 05, 2006

It is all about balance

And I hate to feel so unbalanced. Friday Josh turned 6 , and I felt so bad because I could not just spend the whole day with him , and this was a first for us. Each birthday up till this one ( yes I know only 5 of them) I have been able to devote the whole day to him . Birthdays are special to me and I love making a great big deal of his birthday . It is one day that means alot to me . I got to be Josh's mom on that day and I will forever cherish the day he was born !! So it is his birthday and I haven't even ordered his cake , I needed to get cupcakes for his school friends and it was about 15 minutes before needing to open memory lane, pa for the day . What is a girl to do but call one of her bestest friends and cry "HELP!!" Connie to the rescue ! She did things for me and the day was a save ! I just can't express how much I can not do without my friends . I have been a SAHM for 5 years and the past 7 months being an owner in a LSS has been an adjustment I am still trying to figure out.
Josh's bday party was yesterday , but also we had our mini CHA at the store. I couldn't wait to have both of these things. Being at the store and feeling the excitement about all the new lines , getting to be with all the great customers and friends I have now thru mlpa , and of course getting to do all this with my wonderful friend and business partner Sarah ....what more can a girl ask for ! Then running home to switch gears and be with my family and make this birthday the best for Josh , entertaining 15 of his friends and their parents. Making sure the pizza is ordered and everyone has a great time . Getting the call from Sarah about how much more excitement the store had that day . LOVING IT ALL !!! Feeling guilty LOVING it ALL!! Ok so the point ....hmmm maybe there is a balance and the scales are all just tilted my way right now !

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