Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Closer to fine !

What an AWESOME time last night ! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indigo Girls !!! Sunday afternoon I recieved a phone call from my friend Deena , I knew her husband had got tickets to this concert for Deena for Christmas. Well because of the snow storm the concert got cancelled for Sunday night. John had to go to Virginia on Monday , when they rescheduled the concert. John asked Deena....do you know anyone that would like to go with you . She said " I know 1 " ( That would be me !!!!) So Deena called me ....I sat here in shock ...mumbled to Kate , as she looked at me like " you aren't asking , you are just going " Then added " I am jealous" ( about 40 times over the next day) .
It was so awesome...Amy and Em just put on such a great concert! Deena you ROCK !!! Thank you so much my friend....I will cherish this !

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