Thursday, February 16, 2006

A proud moment !

My Son .....He wants to Scrapbook !!! Yes he is just 6 , and I was almost in tears when I found these pics that he had taken in Las Vegas. They had taken my CoolPix 3.1 with them while I was at CHA . I just took the card out of that camera and downloaded the pics. I have to say I was just smiling when I saw these pics come across the screen. Josh has explained that he wanted to scrapbook about the tiger and the shark he won out of the Crank Game. I must have been beaming from ear to ear as I hugged him . It was truely one of the cutest things he has said in a long time. Being 6 now he is such a "Boy" Trying to be cool and a little sassy ....I don't get the "cute" side as often as when they are 18 months. So these moments I hold near and dear ! I can't wait to see what he does with these pics...( know I will be scrapping them also !) Hey he doesn't take a bad pic either ...I just got to teach him to fill the frame :)

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