Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Here it is , my first published pages. I am so excited about being published. This layout is one of my favorite layouts ! It holds great memories of one of our Rehoboth Beach Vacations. Josh and I alone on the beach in the sunrise. One of my favorite times of the day at the beach , it is so peaceful and beautiful. I awoke and got ready to go down to the beach as I do everymorning of vacation. When I looked over , Josh was laying there with his eyes open . I whispered to him " would you like to go to the beach with me ? " He nodded. We got up and headed for the ocean. Armed with my camera I got some of my most incredible shots. This was my first layout using a picture bigger then a 4 x 6 photo. I had seen so many pages using bigger pictures and wanted to try it. I love it and do it much more now! So if you would like to see this in will be in The Kodak Book on Scrapbooking Your Favorite Photos. This should be avaliable in May around Mother's Day . I really need to start working on Josh's pages once again. I have let other things consume me lately . I really do miss my creative outlet. So hopefully I will have some new favorites soon !


  1. Denise Sanner7:15 PM

    Rollie this is a way awesome layout. I have no idea who the Indigo Girls are but I do know a good layout when I see one! Way to go!

  2. Shirley7:48 PM

    Your layout is just breathtaking! It is definately publishable material. Way cool girl!

  3. What an awesome page! The lighting is breathtaking. And Josh is so stinkin' cute! Congrats on the publish! Hope we will be getting that book in the store...LOL
    I have an awesome set of sunrise pics that I took In Rehoboth the first year Bryan and I were together and I am working on that layout for the desing team. It will be only my second layout that does not involve people, and has a sufficient amount of journaling.
    Congrats once again on a stunning layout!