Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let it Snow ....let it snow....

What a great snow day ...just 11 years ago I didn't get to say those words. I lived in Florida for 15 years and of course we never had snow days...just huricane days ( those are NO Fun !!) So I got to stay home today with my family , and we would have been going , going , going if there was no snow. Wrestling tourney , me going to memory lane, pa . Running around as fast as we could to get everything into our day . But today we didn't ! I actually got about 4 good hours in and out of my scraproom today cleaning it up , putting things in a place that I could find them when I want to use them . Getting some projects together . Now I am sitting down scrapping a bit , getting a delicous Love Tin together ( thanks Dani!). Also putting together a few other projects that have been sitting here not quite done. Just wanted to take a minute to express the happiness of the day. So here is a short list !
- Taking this photo of the snow with my new Zoom lens !
- Peppermint Mocha's at home !
- A Clean Studio to scrap in finally !
- Josh doing a scrapbook page about the hoover dam for school.
- Sparkle Mod Podge !!!
- Knowing I am going to the Indigo Girls concert tommorrow night !
-Prima Flowers sprinkled on my work space
-reading Cathy Z.'s Blog today

This is a picture of Josh's Dog Cricket . How frigin cute is he with the snow face.

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  1. Danielle3:21 PM

    Hey Rollie,
    Glad you are enjoying the Peppermint Mocha's! We had a good day yesterday too. Hubby had to snowblow our driveway...our driveway is 800 ft.! But I did take the girls out after he paved the way. Took some good shots of them in the snow-Natalya's first time, and this is the first time Paulina actually likes to be rolling around in it! I have so many pics of her making snow stinkin' cute! Love the shot of Cricket! I'm still getting use to so much "power" in my hands and just being able to shoot continuously is such a joy.
    Scrapped a bit Saturday night and Sunday...working on my SS, my, my, I think she is going to like it!! LOL Anywho, gonna go grab a cup of joe and play with the girls before Addison gets home from school. Take care and see ya tomorrow.