Monday, February 06, 2006


Some days are just perfect ! Today there were little glimpes of perfection. Look at these pics! I had a vision for Josh's 6 year old photo shoot. He had recieved this wonderful pair of jeans from "GAP" and the jean jacket to match . I could just see it was him ! He has that jean look , all I could see is a mini james dean!!
My little daredevil , he has that gleam in his eye that I love and it also scares me at the same time. He does keep me on my toes! But today I didn't even have to ask for anything . He was just himself

He just shined thru each photo. So this is what has made me happy today, I was just beaming and couldn't wait to get home to download these pics! I am in a HAPPY way today , maybe I am starting to recover from a lack of sleep . Maybe it is because I got things done today for my family and me . I feel a bit better that there isn't piles and piles of unorganization going on in my house. Now to attack my scrap room this week. I can go in there now knowing the rest of the things are undercontrol for the time being . So how would you describe the last time you had some perfection in your day ?

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  1. First of all, could this child get any cuter?? Josh is such a handsome young man and can only imagine his Mamas keeping all those girls away from him someday!
    Let me think. I have had a few perfect days- well, probably more than a few. My most recent perfect day was the day I became a grandmother- Jan. 14, 2005!I cannot imagine my life without Abby and now her baby brother, Luke. I am totally consumed with their love and being!!Does life get any better than this? I don't know but it feels like the best to me!