Saturday, February 03, 2007

7 Years Old....Young.....Beautiful!!

Kim and Stephanie give Josh his birthday kisses!! So I never really understood when my Mom would say...."You will always be my baby, no matter how old you are" I thought it was one of the dumbest statements you could say. I just didn't get it....until NOW! I now know how you can have that line when you are a mom. I think they give it to you with the birth certificate.
This is only 1 year ago at his 6th birthday party...looks so different

9 AM this morning as I lay in bed sobbing holding my "baby boy" He turned 7 today, that is alot of years from his birth. From the day that I got the first glimpse of my son.

7 7 years most of us have turned in a car and buy a new one.

in 7 years some of us buy our 2nd house.

in 7 years some of us change jobs.

It is amazing the amount of changes that go on in our lifes in 7 years. But until today, I hadn't reflected on what 7 years can mean.

Every year has brought such amazement, from those sleepless nights , and we had those for 2 years. To the first words he spoke, the first steps he took.

He was with me 24 hours a day for the first 5 years of his life and now we are separated for at least 8 hours a day. He is making his own friends, instead of me scheduling his playdates. He quotes football statistics to me, instead of just tossing a football to each other.

He pours his own milk into his cereal bowl, he gets his own cup of water.

He does so much for himself now and he is just getting more independent every day.

I could go on an on, and can sit here and see the 7 years in his scrapbooks and my mind. I reflect alot on so many great things that Josh has brought to my life, it certainly out weighs any of the little battles we have in learning right from wrong, or the little fights we have about things you have to do as you are growing up. The times I think of are the cuddling times , the times he just comes up to me and says "I love you Mom!" .
The times he will show me his compassion for his friends, or want to see his friends. When he will want to call his friends just because he was thinking of him. Not always at a great time to call but he won't forget and call the next day. That belly laugh that will forever be in my heart.

I am not sure what this year will hold for us. We have another full year of sports going on and new adventures. I see my little boy developing into a great little guy. One that is independent, always trying to achieve to be the best he can be. Questioning everything. Reading more and more each day. ( Today the sports section!) He is truly amazing, amazing in every way. I love him with all my heart and soul...because he is my heart and soul. I am so thankful that he chose me as his parent, there is no greater blessing then to be a mom!
Happy Birthday Pumpkin!! Love, Mom


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    wow Rollie, what a really nice post! I hope Josh had a good time with us @ lunch, and I hope he has a wonderful birthday party today! :)

    stephanie p.

  2. He really does look sooo much older!!! Hope he had a great bday!