Tuesday, February 06, 2007

pure random happy thoughts...

So how cute is that little pooh bear. That is Ella, my friend and business partner's daughter. I have missed Ella lately, it was about a month since I had seen her. She was sick, then I was busy and it was just a whirlwind of a month in January. BUT it is Feb now and I am going to see her more! She is so friggin cute...I couldn't love her more if she was blood family. I hope to be a part of her life and watch her grow into the beautiful woman she is destined to be.

Declan her brother has been a big part of our life already. I love how when he comes over to play with Josh he is so comfortable and he just makes himself at home. And there is nothing better then hearing "aunt Rollie" out of his mouth. Since I won't have nephews or nieces thru any family means, I love these two so much. Josh and Declan are very much like Cousins, almost brothers at times.

For those that read my blog, here is the picture of the VERY VERY tall pirate from the pirate dinner. I told you he was tall.

I also have been very inspired lately with all the talk about not using flash on pictures. I was very excited to get that candle picture with Josh. I am trying more natural lighting as much as I can. I also am trying to take pictures with different settings on my camera to see the differences, it is very fun. Try it today!
Ok, glad to be home....going to the store soon. Lots of exciting things going on. Check out the mlpa blog . We got the Bug Club....now we just need t shirts and little antennas! Lots of new product coming in soon, can't wait to start getting those boxes. Have a great day, and take time for the little things...they are the biggest rewards. Peace

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  1. Laurel10:31 AM

    Ohmygosh.... that is THE cutest little outfit / coat-type thing on Ella!! Makes me want to gobble up her cuteness!!

    And that pirate - is that his real height, or did he have some assistance with that? That's crazy tall!

    Stay Warm!