Friday, February 02, 2007

Yesterday no order...just happening!

Ok so yesterday was the big day ..."LEGOLAND" I have been planning this day since we found out that CHA would be there. I thought wahoooooooooo this will be so cool and Josh will enjoy it so much. Well not all visions come out the way you think....or do they!? Legoland when you first walk in you are wowed by all the things made by least I was. Josh liked looking at them, but as he is turning 7 everything is questioned and fantasy and wonder and just plain relaxing seems to not be allowed in at that age. There is something in the 1st grader creed that says, "You must take your Mom's hardest effort to make you smile and turn that into a frown" And oh they do try. So Josh and I had a little talk right about then. I told him it was ok to be a kid, it was ok to enjoy this and have fun. Yes some of the rides were very slow , some of the things were geared to 5 year olds more then 6 year olds ( in 2 days , 7) Just relax and have some fun at whatever you are doing.
Oh I miss my little guy!! He only comes out once in a while now...and I know from my friends that are Moms of older boys it gets less and less. I am not ready for that. I do love every stage, but this 7 year old year is going to be a rough one to adjust to. I just realized that he is 1/2 way ( well over 1/2 ) to becoming a teenager. Now that has just got to stop!!
Ok, ok now that I ranted about this, cause I can. I must say at the end of the day and after some very cool rides. Josh looked up at me and said " Mom , thanks for a great birthday was a great day!"
See little glimpses ....that is all I need every once in a while. So on with the are some fun ones!

Ok so no we didn't go to NYC , but OMG this was so amazing, they built this minitown out of legos...the details are just amazing. They are now building Las Vegas too, the ground is being done and they have all these guys working on it. It was very cool to see. I will post a link to the other mini Town shots soon.
We stopped on the way down the coast to get a few shots of the Pacific Ocean, My first time on this coast. I snapped this shot of Kate and Josh...I love it!

Yeah, Josh climbed the wall all the way up! He wanted to quit about 1/2 way up and I just said, you sure you don't want to ring the bell at the top? Well that was all it took and he scaled this whole wall like Spiderman in action! It was hard, I am so proud of him for going the distance.

I took this one for my racing fan friends. I have alot of shots of this Daytona Racing mini town. The cars actually race. It was a site to see. I got a great shots of the fans in the stands.
Ok so this just cracked me up, Hope you like it SIS!! This was in FairyTale Land!
This is on the Safari ride.....where else would you keep Zebras!
I loved this shot. I also love how little boys can make friends Instantly! They had to pull on the rope together as a team to get to the top. Josh had been hanging with the guys in line for the ride, and the other Mom said , how bout if you go with this little boy(meaning Josh) and I will sit this one out. It was a great suggestion. The smiles were priceless.

We were here!
This is that new sporting smile!

SO we are outta here in a few hours...and I am clicking my heels ..."there is no place like home"

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