Sunday, February 04, 2007 review on the people.

Ok tomorrow I will probably give you a review on the different things that we bought and all

the new lines, but today I want to talk a little about the people I met. I have to say I had so much fun in the Maya Road booth. They have become one of those companies that you want all their stuff! I remember Sarah and I walking into their booth a year ago at our first CHA and it was Debbie and Caroline manning the booth. A small booth probably 10x10 and they were new to the whole scrapbook scene. Now you walk into their booth...after I found it! WOW WOW WOW. They just keep coming up with more and more we have to have. Chipboard all over the place and better and better shapes. Ok but they have something even more special ... Jessica!

She is so frigin sweet and fun! I have been talking to Jessica on the phone for a long time , placing orders and giving her a hard time when things didn't ship. She was always friendly and worked hard to make sure we got things as fast as they could get to PA. It was fun finally meeting her and to find out she was stalking....I mean reading my blog was even more fun. It is so strange to find out people across the country are reading what you write here. I know I know it is a public forum and anyone can read it....still strange to meet someone that actually does.
A big Hi to Jessica....and hope she comes to PA and visits our store!! Miss ya!! And who can forget Lisa...

Lisa is zany , crazy and the most fun you can have and keep your clothes on!! She really brightens up the place when she is around and comes up with FUN make n takes!! There is this MEGA bottle cap make n take that ...oh wait, we didn't do that one, forget it! But the other make n takes were fun too!! Seriously tho...had to give a shout out to my new Texas friend! Love ya Lisa.

I also got to meet Stacey some of you know this story....I wanted to meet this lady last year at CHA , it was our first CHA and I had just finished reading The Big Picture, a book that changed the way I thought about scrapbooking ....being a chronological scrapper before this freed me! Anyway , no matter how many times we checked the CK booth , Stacey wasn't there. So I went home not meeting this lady. A little disappointed but ok. I had actually emailed her to tell her how much I loved the book and told her how I felt. Well this year I got to meet her. I even got to celebrate her 5th Year of Simple Scrapbook with her! Fun Fun!
Got some other pics with some other great pics, and got to see some people from last year that were just so inviting, and really look forward to seeing them again. It is a great place to network and the wonderful woman and men that make up this great industry is what it is all about!


  1. Oh, you make me smile!!! It was great finally getting to meet you in person. I'm still touched by your kindness and great sense of humor. I thought I better post a comment since I'm usually stalking your blog. Big hugs! Miss ya!

  2. Ugh - Stacey???!!!!! You lucky dog you!! Sounds like she's as great in person as she on paper and on digi. . .see you in March -


  3. Lisa M. Pace11:03 PM

    Hi Rollie, when are you coming to Texas? I'm ready to hang out with you again. You truly are a very special person and I'm glad to call you my friend. Okay... enough of the sappy stuff, I don't want you to get too big of a head. Just know, I will be stalking your blog right along with Jess. Have a wonderful day. Oh and my hugs are bigger than Jess's cause I'm from Texas and everything is bigger in Texas.