Sunday, February 18, 2007

She is back!!

Ha! Ha!
Didn't think they would keep me down for long did ya?
No worries fans, I have escaped the evil clutches of the nasty world and have risen above again!

Seriously, thanks so much for all your kind emails and wishes here.

Kate is doing fine, on the way to recovery, altho she is not having fun on the crutches. It can tend to wear you out. I have not been on crutches since Jr. High school so don't remember much about them.

Josh is also on the mends, after almost 3 weeks of this nasty cold. The rest is what works the best, altho telling a 7 year old that he needs rest is not the easiest of task. They seem to think they are getting punished .

Today is a scrapbooking day. I have a couple friends coming over and I am going to do some layouts. Ok so maybe only one layout...but I will be posting something here by tomorrow. A promise I have made to myself. The room is clean and just waiting to get all messy and have things created in it.
Have a wonderful day, create something, watch a great something with legos!
Here is a little challenge...if you create something today, post a link in your comment so I can see it!


  1. Having fun scrapping! I know you've been itching to get to it!

  2. Laura8:23 AM

    i hope you had a great scrapping day and I am glad that Kate is on the mend as well as Josh! Alex cant wait to see Josh as Pennridge this weekend!