Saturday, February 24, 2007

Remember when a little styofoam was all ya needed?

And a good looking John Deere T shirt! Love this little cutie! Hey Tater!!

I have had an exhausting couple of days.
Lots of drama...which I don't do well. It isn't my drama but others drama and they have this vacuum effect and they keep trying to suck ya in. I am holding on to the bar as tight as I can , because I just refuse to let myself fall into that vat. It is hard, especially when you just keep getting lied to and about.

I need to concentrate on the good things, the wonderful life I have. The Good person I am, and the people that have my back. Friends, friends that I know support me....friends that are there for me. I am so lucky to surround myself with those people. Do you have friends like that? A friend like that? One that puts you first, that you know in a battle would fight with you and then ask questions? Trust you and your decisions enough to believe you?

I can sit here now and know that if it was 20 years ago, I would throw my hands up in the air and pack my bags and drive away. I have done this. I would sleep in my car and move on. I have done this.

NOW...present day....I have something that keeps me grounded. Keeps me wanting to be a better person. My Son, he is the reason I will sit here and write, instead of pack. He is the reason I will work through this and keep on going. He is the reason I will rise above everything that is thrown at me, smile and go on. Thank God for him. He makes me a better person. Being his Mom is the best thing I could ever have become. All the other nonsense is just that.

I hope to snap out of this soon, I have to just work at it at my own pace. I am not looking for anything by posting the ugly here, this is how I work thru things, these too are random thoughts. I force no one to read this , I write here with all my own freedoms.

Today will be an important day to reflect on. It will show me later when I return to read this, that I made it thru a low point , I didn't sink or run away. I stood here and faced things, I became stronger for it. I will put on some Styrofoam and my favorite T-shirt and smile!!



  1. Kim B.3:21 PM

    Save a piece of Styrofoam for me please!

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Rollie, I don't know what you're running with right now, but I'm pulling for you.
    You're going to come out on the other side of this whole shebang, whatever it is, and all you're going to need is your Furryfuzzy Hat and a latte.
    'Cause that's how you roll.

  3. Laurel9:33 AM

    The only thing better than styrofoam is a big gigantic appliance box that magically becomes a fort! (The underside of a card table is an adequate substitution if enough blankets are available to make walls.)