Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok.....so everyone, lets go!! This is going to be a Great Valentine

Now that I know more then 3 people read my blog...( I was only kidding by the way!)

Let's all do something together. If you have a blog I challenge you to post this as well.

Ali Edwards, who I consider a friend and one of the most beautiful people on this planet, has a wonderful , amazing little guy named Simon. I have not got to meet Simon yet, but thru Ali's stories and her writings on her blog, I can see and imagine just how special this little guy is. Simon is the 1 , the 1 in 150 children that has Autism. Simon is so much more then a number, a number that is growing all the time. There is no cure for Autism, but without awareness there never will be. So it is time for Awareness!! The time is now.
Ali came to S.A.V.E. in January to teach classes and hang out with us. She didn't know what we had planned until she got here. We had planned for over a year to raise money in honor of Simon's 5th Birthday for Autism Awareness. We had seen that Ali had donated 2500.00 dollars in 2006 through everyone's kindness at events she had taught at. So we set that as our goal. It sounded great if we could raise that amount of money in one event.
Well , we raised over 5000.00 at that event, because of all the wonderful woman we had there, who gave their time and money through raffles and auctions. I didn't know how much this affected Ali , or me at the time. I knew we had done a great thing....but I did not know the impact it would have on the rest of 2007 and beyond.
Ali had a new sense of awareness herself, and I also did for that manner. She has been Simon's warrior each and everyday since his diagnosis...now she was going to be a warrior for all those other children, that perhaps don't have one. She was going to get the word out even more each time she had the opportunity. This she has done, and continues to do everyday, I applaud her for that!
Ok so the point of my post....lets all keep this going, lets hit this head on and march with Ali, and it is so simple to do. Right now you can go to Ali's Blog and click on the BADGE on the right hand side of her blog. Click DONATE...this is a great opportunity to do something great for as little as $10.00 , yes $10.00 is all I ask you to do. The key to this is to get as many donations as possible, it is not the size of the donations , but the number of donations that will win the prize of a $10,000.00 grant to Autism Speaks. How awesome would that be!! The money would get the awareness out there and make such a difference for so many children. So I am asking you , anyone here reading this, to please click over and donate. This would be a great valentine's present for each of you. Give from your heart!
Thank you

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  1. hey rollie! i know a bunch of us were really moved from that weekend and are actually going to walk at Autism walk in Allentown in April& and raise some more funds...that weekend has definitely changed me, more than i know to express these days...i know it not only made an impact on me but the people i share it with....the site is... check it out... http://www.autismwalk.org/site/PageServer?pagename=homepage