Friday, February 16, 2007

The not so UP day...

  • Take Kate to the hospital for surgery
  • Go to the store
  • pick Kate up from the hospital ( surgery went well)
  • Take Kate home, get her settled
  • Go pick up perscriptions
  • run errands for the store
  • go back to the store
  • go home to get perscriptions to Kate for pain
  • Find out I didn't get all the perscriptions that she needs.
  • Eat something
  • Go back to get more perscriptions
  • Go back to the store
  • Go get some dinner
  • Go back to the store
  • Go home
  • Check messages
  • Blog
  • Go to bed.

One of those days, nothing went all that right, well not true....Kate's home safe after surgery.

Josh , well lets just say, he is 7! and has a handle on every button he can push today.

The much to do, lots coming in, it is all good. It will all balance out at some point.

Me, tired....stuffy, head cold.



  1. Rollie - you are so great...all that work and all the responsibility fell on you...that is exhausting. Just wanted you to know that there is someone out here (you know, one of the three) who are thinking about you and caring about you. I am so glad Kate is okay.

  2. Donna3:32 PM

    Glad Kate's surgery went well and that the day was over and perhaps you got a chance to rest. My son has surgery next Tuesday for a football injury to his ankle. He will be on crutches for four weeks.
    Keep smiling!

  3. Lisa M. Pace10:09 PM

    Glad Kate is okay. I hope she feels better each day. Just know if I were closer I would help you in a second. Take care and get some rest. I hope you feel better soon.