Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feel the is here everyday. (Picture blog today)

My Roses from Kate and Josh
My Valentine to Kate, (inspired by Julie ,Thanks Julie)
One of my fav beach pictures
Gotta love them in Ears!
Another great Beach shot!
How did I get so lucky to have both of them in my life!!
Who is that little baby??
OMG the Mullet!!! ( Josh asked if that was me)
Damn those blue eyes , they melt me!
Now I want to show you the cutest little valentine, besides Josh! Here is a little story behind the little present. I have a love for animated furry things. I love to go to the store and push all the buttons and have them all singing and shaking. Well I have passed this love onto my son, he is just as wild about these too. Yes it probably is more age appropriate for him then me, but I didn't see anything saying I couldn't be a big kid at 44! So Josh jumps into bed this morning, cuddles with me for a minute. I wish him Happy Valentines day, he then says "Can I wake up Mom?" I said sure . He whispers in her ear and then runs out of the room. Comes back with a bag and says here Momma, Happy Valentines day. Well in the bag is THIS......
Adorable Black Ape with a big red heart.....SINGING......
JUMP FOR YOUR LOVE!!! Wahooooooooooo I love it!
Josh also made a valentine for Kate ...........out of LEGOS:) I just love this picture!
So there you have it, our valentines. One last share I have is this.
Josh asked at one point....Do I get a valentine? Tears started dripping down his face. Kate and I did have a valentine for him but we were waiting to give it to him. He had been grounded from using the Wii for a couple weeks, because of some anger issues. Kate and I had just talked and decided that we would give the privilege back to him today as his valentine. Well he was very happy with that and the tears soon stopped. I also told him today that he is OUR true valentine, because every time we look at him , we see the LOVE that we have for each other. He was pretty happy with that too, and we had a big family hug. Hope everyone has love in their heart and no matter if you are alone today or with someone, Love yourself ....because that is the best valentine you will ever have!


  1. Patti (as if you didn't know)3:52 PM


  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome day!! Love your book and Josh's little Lego valentine.

  3. I love your family. The mullet...not so much.

  4. Anonymous7:37 PM

    yikes, mullets...
    I had to look twice...
    BTW- 1980 called, it wants its haircut back!! Ha ha J/K

  5. Laura8:22 AM

    That was an awsome day! I love all the gifts and the one Josh got you made my get all weepy...too cute!