Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stillings are still here in CA!

Anyone that has been around Josh since about 2 years old might remember the stories of him not liking anything that flew by his head , crawled on the ground or just lived outside in general. He would come in the house screaming and crying uncontrollable. We actually used to sing "shu fly shu...don't bother me, with every step as we ventured outside until he was at least 5 years old. I remember having a playdate with a Mom and when she came over I was sobbing because Josh was in his room and refused to go outside ever again. Now he was only 2 and "ever" was about 5 mins in his world. But I honestly thought I was going to have a boy that didn't like to be outside. Fast forward 5 years and here he is petting a lizard. It just means so much to me. It is truly the little things. Now you can't get him to come inside and he loves playing outside. Now the occasional wasp will have him running ( me too!) , but for the most part he actually takes an interest in insects and the great outdoors. Now he wouldn't hold the little guy but he will touch them at least now!
Here he is the other day ( pre sick days) getting ready to be plunged into the air. He just loves this ride. I remember the little frog ride for kids and he would just giggle and giggle, now he is going 60 feet in the air ( probably more) and still loving it. He is my little thrill seeker. I am just not sure 6 times on California Screamin was the best thing to do!!

Can't leave Disneyland without the classic Mickey Picture!

This is Josh and I just having some fun in bed at the hotel a couple mornings ago. He loves to hold the camera out and get pics of us. I just which I had turned off the was bright! It makes him giggle so much tho and you can get some great fun pics. Take time to take the silly shots, first thing in the morning while you are looking your is great memories!
So today we are venturing to LEGOLAND! I know Dot and Patti are jealous...we might have to find them a little sump tn to bring back. Josh is very excited and I am so glad he is feeling better.
Josh got a bit of a bug while out here, they didn't even go to Disneyland the past couple of days and they have just been hanging out. Downtown Disney for an hour or so at ESPN but not much else. Lots of playing cards with Grandma and Mom in the room, but lucky for us Josh loves that and he played for hours. Thankful for the portable DVD and disney movies also.
Last night we went to the Rainforest Cafe and had a great meal. Josh had a cheeseburger and Fries and ate for the first time in 2 nights. It was good to see his appetite back and he is on the mend.
So we are renting a PT Cruiser and Cruising down the cost. Oh and Trish will be happy know we have a GPS system with us....cousin to Betty!
I probably won't blog until I get home as we fly out in the morning...but you never know!
Have a great day and enjoy a little PEACE!

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