Sunday, February 25, 2007

It isn't braggin if you can do it!

Josh had his end of the year tourney today. This is his 2nd year in wrestling , and being 6 (most of the season) and 60 lbs, he wrestled alot of 8, 9 year olds , because of him being so tall for his age, it all goes by weight. Well he had won 1 match all year. Tough one for a little boy to handle, but he always stuck with it, took his losses and kept wrestling, learning more and more. Well today in the tourney they go by weight and age, so he wrestled kids his age. And here is the result of a hard year. He was bouncing , skipping and couldn't stop smiling. His coaches were so proud of him, not to mention his Mom's. I actually didn't get one picture of the match and they had to give me my camera back as I left it on the mat when I jumped about 2 feet in the air with excitement . Josh got his first PIN today, first one ever with about 15 seconds to go in the 3rd period. I was crying with joy....I just was so happy for Josh, all the hard work this year had payed off. All the time telling him to keep practicing and he would get better, he would win. He kept going and he now sees that it can happen. My little dude...I am SO proud of you!
Oh and here is a little conversation we had tonight.

Josh: I love you Mom.
Me: Why do you love me?
Josh: Because you always cheer me on.
Me: Did you hear me cheering you on today.
Josh: No , but I knew you were.
Big gushing hugs!!!


  1. I had not gotten a chance to read your blog since thursday...I am SO sorry...and I am so glad you had a bright spot today. me

  2. Lisa M. Pace11:44 PM

    YEAH for JOSH... I'm thrilled and can only imagine how excited you were at the match. Congrats to you all. Oh and that conversation brought tears to my eyes. TFS

  3. Anonymous11:04 AM

    hey . . .i know where you can buy scrapbook paper with that sayin' on it . . . it's made by cosmo cricket . . . you should get some. let me know if you need directions! d . . .who had way to much coffee today! yay for josh! yay for josh's moms!