Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Too cute for himself !

Ok so he still didn't listen great today , well at least to me !
His Teacher pointed him out today for listening the best in class !!
But he is so frigin cute !
SO he thinks he is all that and a bag of chips ! Well so do I !!

Took these pictures the other night. I wanted him to wear this sweater at least once, he didn't want to cause it wasn't "Cool" , Guess it has to have something on the shirt to be cool. So I told him , I wanted him to wear it so I could take pictures of him in it. Well the day got away from me , and he was about to get ready for bed . He came back out of his room and said " Mom , I thought you wanted pictures of me in my sweater. " Well I dropped what I was doing picked up the camera and photographed him in all his sillyness ! He is just so precious!!!! I love the pics that I got of him , they are HIM!

ok going to bed now ...trying to digest all that happened on LOST tonight. That show is starting to hurt my brain !! Makes me think . If you have any theories please comment . Good Night !

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