Friday, June 06, 2008

06-06 Today!

***ETA 9:00am, I am monitoring comments today, since I already had one of those people I talked about leave a comment! OY!, ***
It is Friday!
I am in a much better place then I was at the beginning of the week.
That is a good thing! Actually a great thing!
Thank you again all of you that are there for me when I start to tumble.
It means the world to me to know I have you in my life. It is hard sometimes
to make that call out to the universe, but it is also the best thing you can do

So Happy Friday!!! We have a great weekend planned and I am looking forward
to some great fun! We are making our annual trip to Atlantic City this weekend.
Kate and I really love to go down for a day every year and we have missed it the
past couple years. So we are driving down tomorrow with some great friends for
a day of fun and a nice dinner. Josh gets to go and visit with Aunt Nessie all day
and from what I hear it is going to be a fun day for both of them too! I am so glad
they are going to get time together...I love that he has his Aunt Nessie, and hope
their relationship keeps growing.

Sunday we are starting our summer wrestling tour. There is a Challenge 8 Cup
over the summer. It is pretty neat. You go to 8 tourneys and at the end there is
a champion Iron Man according to the points you accumulate during the 8 weeks,
for wins and showing up. Should be fun. Of course I will keep you updated here.

So now for the photo portion of the show :)
I picked up the camera this morning and just shot what I saw and here is what you get!

So this was sitting on my counter, and I have to tell you it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. In most ways Kate and I live our life like any other two parents raising our child. We try and steer him in the right direction, we love him unconditionally, and we are just your everyday family. Well except we are 2 moms raising our son. Every once in a while that comes into play.

Oh believe me I have those thoughts in the back of my head everyday that there is going to be sadness in Josh's life because we choose to have him, someone is going to say something to him about having 2 moms and hurt him. BUT 8 years later and that hasn't happened yet, which makes me happy. Because I thought it would have happened by now. My faith in diversity and how far we have come as a human race grows each and every day.
So this paper, the word crossed out and Mom written in, it just brings that reality right back. Then the conversation.
Me: Awwww did you do that on your own?
Josh: Yes, and my teacher said I could too.
I have to say it made my heart happy, and in this day and age, it actually should say Dear Parents, instead. Just my opinion. I am so proud of Josh, we talk every once in a great while about our special family, and each time he assures me he is ok with his family and he would have it no other way. He is an amazing little guy with a personality and heart that I believe can change the world in big ways. He already has touched so many and showed some doubters that it isn't such a bad thing to have 2 Moms.

Ok on to a little lighter subject! WHEW I never know what is going to flow from my fingertips, hold on it might be a bumpy ride! LOL
This is our beautiful Lily, and blooming , just so beautiful. Gotta love Nature.
This is our beautiful Lady, Cody.....She turns 10 this month. She is getting pretty white in the face, but she has the heart of a puppy. I love this little girl, she is an amazing soul.
Last but not least is our little guy Cricket! He is a spunky boy with alot of life to live. He is a worry wart as I call him, the storms drive him to shivers and he greets everyone with enthusiasm. He has grown on us the past 3 years and keeps Cody going everyday.

Today we are putting the pool walls and liner in and then hopefully if everything works out getting it filled with water next week and getting the pool opened for the summer! We have not had the best of luck the past couple years with the pool, but we are hopeful once again this summer.

Oh and one last share....just a peek, but I did get to create yesterday and it is hopefully going to get finished today :) Love playing with Christmas papers in 90 degree weather!

Happy Friday!


  1. Have fun!! Woohoo!

  2. Regina10:09 AM

    Hi Rollie, I really thought that was special that Josh crossed out Dad and wrote Mom. He really is a special little guy.

    Have fun in A.C. Hope you hit the jackpot.


  3. With so many "non-traditional" families today, you would think that it would just say Dear ___________, allowing the children to fill in the blanks themselves. Still, I love how Josh made his own update!

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

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  5. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Have a great time down AC you and Kate deserve it.
    Give Cody and Cricket a hug.
    Whether a child has a mom and a dad or 2 moms or a single parent as long as there is love and respect in the house that child is lucky.I think Josh is one very lucky boy to have you and Kate there is alot of love there. You can see the love and happiness on Josh's face. Edie

  6. great post! I love that Josh crossed edited the greeting! I agree, it should just be a blank. Family means different things to everyone. In the early 80's, my daughter felt it because her dad didn't live with us. Her grandpop really filled in. I think it makes kids stronger, though.
    Love the peak of your album.
    Have a great weekend and win a lot of money!!

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  8. Too many children grow up in homes where there is not enough love, respect and understanding. And sadly, that all too often produces grownups that are also lacking in love and respect. It's a shame that people in this world have to bring up the negatives, when really we should all be grateful for a family that can raise respectful, loving and special kids like Josh. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - he is a sweetie, and you gals are doing an awesome job.

  9. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Rollie. Some people are buttholes. Sad to say, you have at least one of them reading your blog. You need an ex-rectalnator. Please allow me. I haven't had a good cat toy in a while.

    Anytime I got a letter from school saying: "To the Parents of," I'd cross off the "s," because there was only one parent in the house.

    How lucky are the three of you? So much love and together-ness. And all you have to do is look at your pictures to tell how great a job you and Kate are doing as parents.

  10. Whew- you have been blogging like crazy- I just had to catch up! Some great pics going on. Some yuckiness unfortunately, butyou took care of that! Love the Lily pic :) Have fun in AC- win big!

  11. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Hey Rollie - we have had a few conversations about life with our families being a ittle "different" than most - but the part that matters MOST - is the love that you & Kate have for Josh and each other and your family and the LOVE & RESPECT that Josh shows to you and Kate - even if he didn't know it he affirmed - by crossing out Dad and adding MOM - that his life is perfect just the way it is! Have an awesome weekend.

    Tina CG

  12. Children truly learn what they live and Josh is learning love, acceptance, respect, compassion... the list goes on and on. If anyone has a problem with him having two moms they should look at themselves first and see what they are teaching their own kids by example-probably not acceptance and love.
    Hit the jackpot in AC!! Hope it's a great weekend for all!