Monday, June 02, 2008

Double Post day...drinks are on me!!

First....Thank you to whoever you are that left me that quote yesterday.
As you can see I put it on my sidebar.
I liked it alot.....and love that when you do give things to the universe,
she will likely give you back exactly what you need.

Second....What a great day!
What a productive day!
I worked on a layout, I worked on putting items in the Corner Store .
Check out the Prima Section....OH yeah me all excited when I opened that box!!!
The Stampers Anonymous items, Bottle Rockets, New Noteworthy and Scenic Route in da
Sometimes it is hard to have all this goodness around and not just stop working and create.
Sometimes I give in......

So thank you for the phone calls, the emails and the comments today. I am doing great, I still have many unanswered questions, but I also have lots of answers on other things that are important. I know I can't change people. I can only keep being me and keep loving like I do.

Tomorrow is another full day at School with Josh, doing some community service and a picnic! The day should be beautiful.

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  1. Laura F11:00 PM

    Nothing like some good scrapbook therapy...=)