Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 4 Denali National Park

Yesterday was beyond words, We got to see the Peak of Mt. McKinley the whole park at Denali and we got to meet Jeff King and play with the puppies. We have met two Iditarod Champions and we go to one more Musher Camp in Sagway, and I could visit every musher camp here and not get bored. I find it unbelievable the relationship with the dogs and the mushers, it is their life. But they all have to do something else to make the money, because they will spend over 100,000 dollars to do this race, and the top prize is 70,000 if you WIN! It is a hobby, a passion, not a living. So alot of them do these excursions to earn money. What amazing people and the dogs just love what they do.
The rest are pictures of our day....I don't think I could put into words the beauty we saw, so I will leave it in the pictures. We are heading to the ship today after an afternoon in Anchorage.
Enjoy! Thanks for all the great comments so far and glad you are enjoying.

Jeff King, 4 time Iditarod Champion
Denali National Park
Denali National Park
The View from our room at Grande Denali Lodge
Mt. McKinley , which only about 3 out of 10 people who visit alaska get to see the Peak this clear. We had one of the six beautiful days they will have this summer. We kept getting told by the locals and the tour guide how lucky we were to have a day like yesterday. I believed them.


  1. Great pictures!!! Have to show these to Shawn - his family has had several Husky mixes, and he just loves looking at them. They (and all the related sled dogs) are such beautiful creatures.

    Oh yeah - and he'll be jealous that you saw a MOOSE. Well, frankly, I am too - we went to Maine for our honeymoon and saw the "moose crossing" signs, but never saw any moose. MooseS? Meese? Hmm ... gotta look that one up!

  2. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Beautiful pictures. Now I want a puppy.

  3. Hey guys,
    being new to the 'blog' thing, I didn't realize that I could share my thougts back but now I do and it's not even a thought I want to share. I have a question!

    Based on the pictures - which are utterly amazing - of the first three with you guys each individually holding one of the adorable puppies, which face says "I want to bring one home with me" more?

    I am enjoying my trip along with you on your vacation and I'm looking forward to sharing more upon your return home; that of which I'm sure will be coming up to soon for all of you!

    Continue your enjoyment!

  4. those little puppy faces so cute! and the dogs are pretty cute too! I am loving this trip from over here in PA but wishing i was with you in Alaska! i can't get enought of the scenery and a Moose! Seriously how lucky is that!

  5. Can you smuggle one of those puppies back in your suitcase for me?

  6. Anonymous7:29 PM

    WOW you all look like you are having an awesome time! Soak it all up and ENJOY!


  7. You all look so happy holding those puppies...I could almost smell puppy breath! Please bring one home for me.

    I love that you saw a moose!!!

    Mt. McKinley is beautiful. I am so glad you got such a clear day. It is really amazing!

    Looking forward to more...

  8. Just amazing! Puppies are so cute!!! Views are awesome. So glad you guys are having a gret time- thank you for sharing with us!!

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Great blog, the way you described everything I felt like I was there. Those puppies are sooo cute. I can't wait to read more about your trip.