Friday, June 20, 2008

Longest Zipline in the World

And I have Black Cherry in my cup! This is pretty darn tasty. I like my flavored creamers.

We have been busy around here, 72 hours till we leave for Alaska! Just in case you didn't know!!!
So I have been getting out all the orders for the Corner Store before we leave. Josh has been a big help, He has been so great going with the flow the past couple days. I have really tried to balance out some play time with work time. It has been so great having him home.

3 bags are packed, the 4th one almost and we will see if #5 comes into play. With the new restrictions we get 1 bag each free and then it is $25 dollars each way for the extra bag. So we are looking at probably $50 dollars extra. How the heck you suppose to pack for 2 weeks in one bag!!! Ok that is all I am going to vent about that, cause there is nothing I can do about it and it is what it is.
There has been no scrappy time, and I am missing it so much. But I do hope to work on my travel journal this weekend, and am going to take a few things with me if I need to. Josh is also going to have a journal and we are going to write about our days each day on the ship. Probably in the morning. I got a note from the future 3rd grade teachers that he should practice cursive writing this summer. I have heard that 3rd grade is the big transition in elementary school. A lot of writing. Luckily Josh loves writing. He brought home a great report card, excelling in Math, and Reading, and improving his "Puts forth effort" which I think in some ways is his shyness. We are having many talks about how it is ok to be smart. I know it is hard to be funny and cool in school and be smart at the same time. You know what I am talking about in an 8 year olds world!

So off to get a few more things done today, I did get a great camera bag last night, it is a backpack shape and will fit all my lens and also my flip camera. It is nicely padded and I am so excited it will fit everything. We are off to the beach tomorrow after wrestling. I love that my Sis will be coming over for the day too!!

I leave you with this.....We will be doing this very soon! Longest Zipline in the world


  1. I am so excited for you. I love travel (even when it is not me). When we went to Italy, I kept a journal and wrote every night and I am so glad I did, I really treasure it now. I also kept one for my trip to Spain in college and it is so funny reading it now-apparently i was very excited that we could get beer because I kept track of all the places we were able to drink (I was 19) :)

  2. that is so awesome! the colors of Alaska are so spectacular...the greens, blues, and white! AHHHH! I just love Alaska!

  3. Must be nice to see those bags packed!!

  4. Laura F10:00 PM

    Have a great trip!

  5. Have a wonderful trip and a very Happy Birthday!!!