Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

Happy Happy 43rd!!! You are still just as cute!!
This is a layout I did for you! You can read the journaling when I give it to you :)
Hope you have a great day....and hope you can come on Saturday! Miss you!

Yesterday was Josh's last full day, today is just a 1/2 day and goodbyes for the summer.

I gave his teacher the gift I made her yesterday and she just loved it so much. She took it with her to show other teachers at lunch time, and it was funny because now there are 3 teachers that have got a creation of mine and there is some joking as to who is jockeying for Josh to be in their class to get the good stuff at the end of the year. I love it that they love their gifts. This one was my favorite so far, I just loved doing it and my head is spinning (pun intended) to put together some kits for this in different themes. I don't see any desk or coffee table that wouldn't just love to have this on it as a conversation piece. I uploaded alot of the supplies into the Corner Store yesterday. More to come soon. I can't wait to get the 4x6 Carousel to work with too. The teacher quotes were a big hit. Kim said I had her favorite one in there.
I just loved the transparencies too, they just add such a cool dimension.
And here is the "Schools out for the Summer" pose. Course that just seems to be the 8 year old pose for just about anything these days. I look forward to the summer with Josh, last year I was working in the store so much I didn't get alot of time with him. This year we are going to do day trips, camps and enjoy time together. I just love having the online store and being able to be home. Life is good!!! Now back to packing, cleaning and getting ready to go....only 6 more days!!!


  1. Happy Birthday, Rollie's Lil Sis!! :)
    That's a great page!! Love it!!

  2. Julia1:16 AM

    The carousel is so adorable! What a fantastic gift! I love it.

  3. love the page for my sister-wish my older sister would do that for me :) The carousel is really neat-I bet my mom would like something like that with pictures of all the kiddos and grandchildren. hmmmm-no wait-I won't think about Christmas yet!

  4. Knew she would love her gift! Thinking of a million things to do with that carousel!