Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend recap,Happy Monday, 21 days, 3 weeks , Here we GO!

And the Winner is Josh!! He ended his Freestyle Season with a bang! He won all 4 of his matches on Saturday. Crowning him the Champion of the Mid Atlantic Freestyle Regionals. Qualifing him for the Grand National Championships in Denver , CO and altho we are not going this year, it was a very fun season and for the first one, Josh did fantastic. I hope this grows in the area as a summer sport. Next week we start our new tour of Folkstyle each weekend for 8 weeks. We are entering a Summer Challenge in NJ and along with a couple other boys we hope to have a fun summer of wrestling.
Then it came roaring around the corner and smiles were everywhere.
Kate and Josh did a little work at the pool on Sunday and this was
the reward for a job well done.
Of course I had to get a round in too!
And our Friend Dot was here shopping at just the right time. Of course she couldn't leave without a ride....
and then a Drive! I am thinking she had a little fun!!
Made a little folder for our Trip. Of course I used the Glitter Thickers in Purple!!
So the Plane is booked, the Cruise, the Excursions....3 plane rides, 2 Grandmas, and 14 days of pure vacation.....I can't believe we leave in 3 weeks, it has been a year in the planning and now it is JUNE!! I am just a little excited!!!!!!!
So today starts a new week, lots to do
Picnic at school tomorrow.
Pool parts coming on Wed.
Pool Liner going in Friday.
AC trip on Saturday.
Wrestling tourney on Sunday.
Ok better get to work!!! Create today! Live today! Give thanks that you have Today!


  1. I might have to see Josh wrestle some time!

  2. oh does that look like fun!!!