Monday, June 09, 2008

Sometimes you're the windshield......

Sometimes you're the bug!!!

Yeah Josh had a rough day yesterday on the mat. He has had such an awesome year and doing very well. It is hard to have the rough days, but it also reminds you that is why you have to keep going to practice, and put 100% into each one.
It is hard to be 8 years old and wanting to be so devoted to something, that is what makes Josh a hero to me. Even thru his tears yesterday he told me he wanted to wrestle more, after losing 2 matches and having his neck hurt, his nose hurt and mostly his pride hurt....he wanted to wrestle his 3rd match, which I didn't let him for many reasons. I didn't want him to really get hurt and I wanted to make that call , because I know he would have gone and wrestled it.

Josh wasn't focused yesterday, he wasn't wrestling like I know he can and having only 5 hours sleep the night before didn't help. So I made the "parent" call and he didn't wrestle.

It was hard and my heart ached, but I know it was the best decision for him on that day.

So we will be going again next week, he will practice hard this week and probably face the same guys again, I told him the key now is to improve on last week and each week forward. These boys are a year older or more and it will be a great goal this summer...who knows he might even get the best of them by the end of the summer! I like that he has something to work gives him new goals and reason to practice hard.

It is a great motivator. You want to be a winner, so you have to figure out how to reach your goal. I love his heart and determination. I love that he is doing this because he wants to, and not because he thinks this is what his Moms want. We have had this discussion often, and he knows whatever he decides is ok with us, as long as whatever he decides he gives 100%. So we will see what next week brings...maybe he will be the windshield!!

Wasn't home much this weekend, so no scrappy goodness to show. BUT WOW did the Cricut Jukeboxes start flying off the ole Corner Store shelf this weekend. Lots of excited Cricuteers out there just waiting for this little slice of heaven! I am also excited. If you have ever done a mixed alpha on a know the pain of changing them out!

oh and in 2 weeks we will be HERE!!! Yep that is our ship :) I can't believe it is only 2 weeks away! I have my FLIP camera all ready and extra batteries, hoping to do a bit of Video blogging while we are gone....just so you can come to Alaska with us virtually :) So I need to get busy packing, everything else from the ride to the airport on is DONE :) oh I love don't have to do much of anything but enjoy, once you get to the airport....everything else just happens!!

Oh and it is FRIGIN HOT here!!! All I am sayin!

Happy Monday!

OH OH OH!!! Wait till this Wednesday's giveaway....I ordered something will LOVE IT!!!

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  1. Well...I love the title of your post. I think you made the right "parent" call for Josh. That's what parents do, make decisions in the best interest of their children until they are old enough to do it for themselves.

    Great parenting Mom!