Thursday, June 12, 2008

Questions answered and the Winner revealed!

WOW! When I ask for it I get it....
You all came up with some great questions!
Below I have answered each question.
Thanks for playing along!
At the end of the post is also the WINNER of the Art Bin!!

Julia said...
What is your favorite color and/or color combination?
8:38 AM
I would have to say I love plain ole Black/White combo, it is so clean and crisp to me.

Anonymous said...
I want to know do you truly love sports or our you so supportive because Josh is so involved? What sport do you like the best?Love art bins.Edie
9:19 AM

I LOVE SPORTS! I grew up playing Basketball, softball and running Track in Highschool. It was something I was good at and loved doing. I am so happy Josh loves them as much as I do. He is fun to watch and I love showing him how to become better. Football is our sport of choice here at home. I LOVE watching it and Josh and I play catch with the football everyday while waiting for the bus.

Anonymous said...
do you love art bins as much as i do? guess that one won't cut it. here's one . . . what prompted you to let your hair grow?d
9:52 AM
I am not sure there was a defining moment on letting my hair grow. I just love how longer hair looks and thought it was time for a change.

sbonetsue said...
My question is "How do you organize your supplies?" I'm always looking for new ways to store my stuff. Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.Sue Cahill(sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)
10:06 AM
I LOVE to organize, and I am constantly changing how I do this. My latest love is the Scrap n Style White Cubes. I have 13 of them now and I also love the Purple Craftmate holders. I will share some organizing pictures soon. I also love Tim Holtz Tins for the Paint Dabbers, stickles and Clear stamps.

ElanaE said...
What is your favorite song/music group?
10:07 AM
Well that could change on a daily basis. I have over 4000 songs on my ipod and if you ever crop with me you could hear anything from Hip Hop , Rap , to Broadway or even Christmas music! Right now I am loving Natasha Bedingfield and "Pocket full of Sunshine"

Laura Foreman said...
Here are three fun ones:1. If you had to have one piece of music softly playing in your mind for the rest of your life, what would you want it to be? I would have to say "Imagine" 2. If you knew that every minute of the next 24 hours of your life would be recorded on camera, is there anything you would change about your habits? I wouldn't change a thing, what you see is what you get! 3. Do you dress the same when you are depressed as you do when you are very happy? That is a cool question, I would have to say no. ENJOY!
11:10 AM

MelB. said...
When are you going to church with me?I need ONE more bin......gee....guess who....
11:15 AM
Anytime Mel!

Tracy Anderson said...
What is your all-time, hands-down, beats-all-others favorite scrapbooking product? And yes.... you have to pick just ONE :)Don't put my name in for the random drawing... I just won AND I have tons of those artbins (LOVE 'EM!) I did want to supply a question, though.... that's only fair considering.... :)
12:03 PM
This one is soooooooooo easy for me...The Crop A Dile....I have to say that tool is at my fingertips almost every page!

Kelley Sweitzer said...
What did you want to be when you grew up?Love the artbins. Love the pink ribbon too. I could store all sorts of goodies in there or I could be a nice Mom and let Riley store all sorts of her goodies in there.
12:22 PM
I seriously don't remember any dreams of wanting to be anything when I grew up...I know now I want to be a Mom , run two wonderful businesses and Enjoy each and every day of life :)

Gloria L. said...
Just one question? OK - Would you share whether or not you and your family attend church regularly? It sure makes a difference in my life!Gloria L.
12:23 PM
I will say we don't attend Church, but I will also say we love God and we have alot of faith. I was brought up Catholic and had a very strict Meme that believed in Church every week, but growing up I found out that my personal relationship with God was more important then where I was on Sunday morning. I also have problems with "churches" that don't accept that Kate, Josh and I shouldn't be a family, or the don't ask don't tell type. I have found some wonderful places of worship that don't judge also. If Josh decides he wants to go in the future, I would find a place to go.

Laurel said...
Spin-off of Julia's question - - - is your favorite color now as an adult the same favorite color you had as a kid? Mine's not - I really liked purple as a kid, but now my fave color is blue.
1:37 PM
I had to chuckle when I saw this, because I LOVED blue as a kid and now Purple is my favorite color!! LOL

Alexis said...
fstts off- I luv all things that support breast cancer awareness/cure. The fact that it's an artbin is almost too much to handle- want it!!Second- the comment from your mom on your last entry was so funny/cute.One of your recent blogs had me thinking, and so *alert* my question is very personal, is everyone in your family or friends, and have they always been, supportive of your lifestyle (word seems silly). I know Jeff and I would be for our kids, but I guess it's hard for some people?
3:42 PM
Ahhhhh great question. I have to say NO to everyone always being supportive. I remember the first time I kinda told someone the way I was feeling. I think I was about 17 and it was my best friend at the time....and well we weren't friends after that, she just couldn't handle it. That was so hard. I didn't tell anyone else for a long time. My family, oh no they didn't like it one bit. My Mom thought it was all her fault and took that Catholic guilt to new heights! So we weren't real close for many years. Then I got pregnant and when I called to tell my Mom, her words were "Are you sure you want to bring a child into that lifestyle" Well I told her "what lifestyle would that be? Two parents that will love him, be there for him and a lifestyle with no alcohol and no abuse?" Well that pretty much put a silence in the air. I know it sounds harsh but I was so happy to be pregnant and full of love, that our "lifestyle" had nothing to do with that. We were two people that wanted this child. So fast forward 8 years and now I know that Grandma would never trade having her grandson in her life for anything. Josh is truly our miracle boy and he has opened alot of eyes to the fact that it is Love that makes a family, not who. We have great support now, even living in a very christian community we are very accepted and loved. I have always had hope that we could change even a little piece of the world, and I do believe we are doing that.

Nancy said...
Hi! I wanna know....what do you want for your birthday? Nothing huge or sentimental. Nothing like world peace or get the idea. Something material...What do you want?Love artbins. Using more and more of them for organization. Did I meantion that I need help with that? Is that two questions?
5:33 PM
LOL Nancy, I would LOVE to just go to lunch/dinner with my friend(s). I know that might not be material, but I love getting to talk and share more then any material thing.

Tammi said...
No idea what question to ask? Hmmmmmm?How about - if Josh had been a girl - what would "her" name have been?Lame question I know. But I couldn't think of anything house.LOVE the bin!
8:58 PM
Alexandria Shea We had that picked out :)

Anonymous said...
What would you keep in an art bin like this?Thank you for entering me in your giveaway!(ginger dot bisker at gmail dot com)
9:39 PM
I have ohhhhh about 15 of these and I have some that are labeled "SPorts" or "Christmas" and I throw in there anything to do with those titles from paper to buttons. Others I keep collections of paper in. Others I have projects in. I love when I am working on something to put it all in one place, or to bring things to a crop it is just great. The handle is so sturdy!

Ruby said...
Hmmmmmmmmmmm I am hungry what are you fixing me for a midnight snack????Is that question ok??? LOLOh-shiz that's two- enter me twice. Ok, so really it's thursday so congrats to whoever wins that bin- its pretty damn awesome and for a great cause! (I wouldn't be upset if you really did enter me in..*wink wink*)
2:39 AM
Hey RUBY! Hope you are having a great time! Thanks for checking in :)
I would make us some stuffed green pepper soup of course!! mmmmmmmmm!

Thanks everyone for playing along. It was fun and I you all made me think, and laugh!

Today the Artful Collage Flowers are coming in!!! So excited to use these. Hope to post some scrappy goodness soon, I am cropping with friends on Friday and need to start/finish the teacher's least I finally decided on what to make!

OOPS! I was so in the mode of answering the questions I almost forgot about the most important thing!!! THE WINNER!!!
So here is the winner!.....

Alexis said...
fstts off- I luv all things that support breast cancer awareness/cure. The fact that it's an artbin is almost too much to handle- want it!!Second- the comment from your mom on your last entry was so funny/cute.One of your recent blogs had me thinking, and so *alert* my question is very personal, is everyone in your family or friends, and have they always been, supportive of your lifestyle (word seems silly). I know Jeff and I would be for our kids, but I guess it's hard for some people?
3:42 PM

CONGRATS Alexis!!! I know you have a few supplies to put in here, and it will be great to take to S.A.V.E. this summer!


  1. Rollie, This was an awesome game. Everyone had great questions. Would love to comment on some of the discussions!!

    Who won? Did I miss it?

  2. Yeah - who won??

    And thanks for your answers! Loved them!

  3. laura f8:15 AM

    I missed the winner too!

  4. Congrats Alexis!

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- I am so excited!!!!! - thank you very much!!! It will not sit unused that's for sure! I am already planning what to put in there for SAVE. And thanx for answering all the questions- it's like one of those get to know your friends quizzes that people forward you!

  6. Rollie, you took the concept of "tagging" to new heights :)

    Thanks for playing along and being a good sport about it... I actually had someone who was a bit miffed at me for tagging her, I think! Oops!

  7. Forgot to say CONGRATS, Alexis! :)