Saturday, June 07, 2008

Family Recipe Book

Here is the little mini album I have been working on.
I really like how it came out, and just love playing with christmas papers
in June 90 degree weather!

I also want to say that you ladies that commented yesterday just blew me away
with your comments!!! WOW you all had me in tears and smiles when I read your
comments. Thank you so much for all your kind words, there is nothing better
for a parent to hear then that people see the love in their child's eyes. You all
humble me.

So today is AC day!!! YEAH!!! We are leaving in an hour or so and I can't wait
for a day of fun with some great friends. Josh has quite a great day planned too
with Aunt Nessie and we will surely be exhausted by Sunday evening but that is
the price you pay for fun sometimes :)
Also great news....the pool liner is in!!! We might need it next week as the temps
are in the 90's all week! UGH it is only June people!!!!


  1. your book is awesome. love it.

  2. LOVE your recipe mini album that rocks!