Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 1 Alaska

I am not sure if I will ever get on the clock here.
It seems to be the same anywhere I go tho....guess I am getting old!
I just don't sleep that well anywhere anymore.
It is ok tho, my body must get enough, I am up and ready to go!

Today we get to pan for gold and go on a riverboat ride. Then a good
ole Salmon bake with Alaskans!!

Yesterday we did some wandering, we came in a day early so we wouldn't be
rushed. It was nice to just wander and have some fun talking to the locals.
We grabbed the hotel shuttle for the day $5 dollars each for the whole day and they
would drop you off and pick you up where ever you wanted to go. It was a great service.

Oh and Gas is $4.32 a gallon here!!!

We checked out the University of Alaska, beautiful place.They have a museum about the
history of Alaska and it is just beautiful and wonderful. Lots of great information, and we
learned alot. I never knew about all the very powerful and strong women that helped pioneer this great state. The story boards were just so informative. I just couldn't stop being amazed by the art work also, the beading alone I could have stared at for hours. Each little bead sewn into
the hides, you know their fingers had to ache!!

We strolled downtown and found the Fudge Pot...yummy! Great fudge!!

Then of course we found a Scrapbook Store, that just made me smile!

We had dinner at the Pump House....let me tell you...OMG GOOD!!

We have a wonderful couple as our tour guides for the land portion. This is thier 112th trip and

they love it so much! We are on Fred's bus...this man greats you with his homemade fudge. There are also about 6 kids Josh's age on this trip, which I was glad to see...he might have a few new buddies when we leave here. They will all be on the ship too. So I will leave you with a little picture show. Just a few of my favorites of the day! I tried putting it to music but didn't quite work this morning. Hey it is 5 AM here!!

This is a REAL Live Reindeer!!!
Grizzly at the Alaska University Museum
Statue in the center of Fairbanks.

He is so HANDSOME!!
and a little GOOFY!!
Sun in our eyes, at 9 PM at NIGHT!!!


  1. nice photos.

  2. Alaska and fudge! I am so jealous!

  3. Fudge?! Yummy!!! Fun pix! :)