Thursday, June 05, 2008

And the Winner is...........


Thanks for all the great comments!
Glad to reconnect with some old friends !
Today is Create Day.....I declare it as a National Holiday !!

I have been working hard on the store this week and got alot done.
So today is my reward, Create first then Work!

Oh yeah the winner.........

Tracy Anderson said...
OK, I think I'm loving that Cricut thing... though I am a visual person and the written explanation of how it works went right over my head :)Those Prima journal pages are awesome, too.... guess its time to check out the store... :)Tracy
11:31 PM

Congrats Tracy!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Congrats Tracy Anderson! Fun goodies! Loved looking back at your post, so much going on with planning a vaca, wrestling the store, and life...need to make some time to check out the store. I have not scrapped shopped in FOREVER.


    Thank you so much, Rollie! It's so nice of you to be giving away goodies like this and I am so happy I won! :)

    Do you need my address? Actually, I'm going shopping today in the store... maybe you can send them together? :)

    Thanks again... this made my day! :) I whooped out loud and scared the dog, even!

  3. LOL Tracy!!

    Yep I would be happy to mail it with an order :)

    Hope the dog recovers! LOL