Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday Giveaway, and School is out for Summer!

Ok so I am just LOVING these little flocked brads from Doodlebug...the colors are awesome and there is just something about fuzzy goodness! So I wanted to share some of my favorite colors with you and let you in on all the flocking good time you could have without getting arrested!!
So this is the Wednesday giveaway, just leave a comment today and you will be entered into the drawing tomorrow morning. Yep it really is that simple! Also note this is the last giveaway for a few weeks. I am leaving Monday for Alaska so the Wednesday giveaway will be taking a break also ! Don't worry tho it will be back!

So do you remember that first day of summer vacation when you were a kid? Did you get to sleep in? I don't recall, but imagining that I probably didn't. I am sure there were chores to do or something that had me up at the crack of dawn.
But this is my son this morning, and it was just too cute to not photograph! I let him stay up as late as he wanted to last night, he lasted till about 10:30 pm I think. He actually fell asleep on the couch with his DS in hand the game still playing. I had asked him probably about 5 minutes before if he was tired and I got the loud "NO Mom not at all" , you know the one where they are trying to convince themselves?? I could see the glazed eyes and knew he was just about to go. Then when I was trying to remove his DS game from his little hands and as his grip tightened, his little voice said, " I am just going to rest for a few minutes Mom " (He is still resting) shhhhhh. Now right about Now Kate has a big grin on her face, holding back the roaring laughter because she is probably in her office as she reads this. Why you ask? Well because she is just saying quietly to herself....Like Mother , like Son!!! It is a bit of a joke in the house about how I will hang onto the remote even if I am sleeping away. So yes I did chuckle a bit last night as I saw my little "mini me" fade into dreamland.

Have a great Wednesday and Enjoy your children this summer!!!! I know I like having my little pal at home and can't wait for all the adventures we will go on.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    wohoo first. but then again i've been waiting since 6 am.


  2. have a great time on your cruise!

  3. Too cute!!!

    And oh yeah - pick me please!!

  4. reggienj9:21 AM

    Hi Rollie. Have a great vacation. Can't wait to see the pictures when you get back. These brads are too stinkin cute. I'm praying you'll pick ME!


  5. Love Doodlebug!!! Hope you have a fantastic time in Alaska. A friend of mine just got back this week from there and had a fabulous vacation. Enjoy!! I'll look forward to seeing updates and pics on your blog.

  6. Hi Rollie...

    anonymous must be Neesie...just sayin'. LOL. I am loving those flocked brads. I just used them on two LO's so...ahem....cough..cough... I need a few more...please????

  7. yay!! school's out! Josh looks just perfect for the first day of summer break (or any day of summer break for that matter). Only 2 of mine are up so far (at 9:48) and life is good.

  8. Woohoo!! Have fun in Alaska :)

  9. Gloria L.12:02 PM

    These brads are so cute! Enjoyed the picture of Josh this morning, brought back memories for me!
    Gloria L.

  10. Kelley Sweitzer12:17 PM

    I long for the days of sleeping in.

    And you know I love the Doodlebug!!!

  11. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Beautiful little brads and colors to go with summer.

  12. those are too cute. Such a cute story about Josh. Will make a great layout with the photos.

  13. Love the brads!!!

    Such cute pictures of Josh!


  14. those brads are too "flocking" cute! sorry for the language but i just can't believe you are giving these little beauties away!


  15. Anonymous7:47 PM

    WOW you must be so excited about teh trip! I am and I am not even going!!!

    Have find with the NO School thing - we don't finish till the


  16. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Oh yeah and can you tell I can not type! LOL


  17. I am so excited for you, I am counting the days, too. Have a great time.

    Love Doodlebug! Another great give-away!

  18. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Mine slept in today, too. Love the photos. Have a great trip & thanks for the opp to win!

  19. Oh to be able to sleep in like that! My mom was the same as sleeping in..EVER! Luckily for my kiddos I let them sleep...even till 2 in the afternoon. Can you tell mine are college age? lol Love the brads!