Tuesday, March 07, 2006

That's what friends are for!

Spring is in the air!! Or at least as it is in the 40's we can put a little spring in our hearts! The seasons don't effect me , but I am surrounded by people that it does effect. As winter comes to an end I see my friends around me that are a little depressed , some alot depressed , some having blah days. I just want to wrap them in my warmth and squeeze the bad blahs out of them . Some of them are too far away for me to do that and some are close enough that I can ! My friend Robin was close enough yesterday , that I could make her smile a little more then she had been ! So we went to lunch and talked and then after lunch I took her to memory lane, pa (where else do you go when you need a little pick me up!!) Robin is not a scrapbooker , but I know she has creativity screaming to get out ...there is a big C R E A T E just waiting to be tapped in her heart. So I have challenged her . Mary created this wonderful altered bulletin board (AWESOME!) for a class later this month at memory lane, pa . I helped Robin pick out paper and ribbon , paint and a few gems and challenged her to create her own inspiration bulletin board. I also am making one ! I can't wait to see Robin's work , ( she knows I will be asking alot till I see it )
So if you have a friend that is a little blah , do a little sumpten , sumpten to maybe give them a little pull ! Just redirecting their thinking sometimes is what it takes. Focus on happy ! The yucky , ugly stuff is there , we all know that , just acknowledge it and give your energy to the good stuff . You can do it !! And those days you can't ....hopefully there be a friend there that can give you another direction. Love ya Robin!

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  1. denise6:28 PM

    thats why i brought darlene to mlpa last night - she was having one of those days - we went to mlpa then to fridays for margaritas and teas!