Monday, March 13, 2006

Constant Motion

It isn't spring yet by the calendar ...but we have been having spring like days !
It is so fun to watch Josh out there running around in the yard and kicking the soccer ball around.
I am loving having the zoom lens capturing some of these moments.
Next week starts baseball season ...we have had a few weeks off since wrestling ended and here we go again soon ! It is nice tho watching the games and soaking up the sun .
Had a busy day , too much to do and some of it not so fun to do . Taxes ! Blah !!
I did what I could handle , more tommorrow ....I had to quit and just take a little time to create. I had fun working on my frame tonight . We are doing these wood frames that hold a 12 x 12 layout. It is truely fun !
Dani , hope you are enjoying your Ikea buy !! I want pictures.
I will put up pics this week sometime of my little improvements in my studio room . I love some of my finds this week .
Well off to bed for tonight ....long day tommorrow .

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