Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just a Life Artist !

This is what it is all about , as Ali would say ..you are a life artist !
Now this is what Childhood is all about . This is Josh and his bestest buddy Alex . ( Hi Alex!) Alex and Josh have been buddies since they first met. I think they were 2 years old and at their first meeting at the Y in a tumbling class they just took to one another. Now they are 6 , (well Alex will be this month) and they still are very very close. Alex is one kid in Josh's world that no matter how long it has been since they have seen one another they just have a wonderful time . Josh often wants to share things with Alex about his life, when he gets anything important he wants to show or call Alex. I truly believe that is a relationship that will be here for them for a very long time. Alex came over this weekend on Saturday night and stayed over , then Sunday we went to the phantoms hockey game. This was Josh's birthday present from us .
Well I have to say from the time Alex got to the house till we dropped him off there was nothing but laughter from these two ! Belly laughs for over 24 hours. It just made even Kate and I giggle at the silliness these two were creating and enjoying. That is what it is all about , and I am so glad that I am here to document that for them.
So I hope that we all have those friends that make us belly laugh . I know I do !
Cause you know a good 24 hours of belly laughing does the soul good !

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  1. Alex had an awsome time and was still tired monday from all the fun! I love the picture can you email it to me or do you have it oneline somewhere else that i can order it! Alex wanted to tell Josh (and you and Kate) thanks again for the great time!