Friday, March 03, 2006

for the Love of Crocs !

What a great time I am having with these Crocs !! Josh even wanted a pair ...and I am not sure about why a 6 year old boy would want a pair except his Mom is just down right giddy about her own crocs and created the frenzy in his mind. Cause Mom is still cool when you are six !
So I got Josh a pair of crocs the other day , then put in the dog paws to make them even more " cool" if that is possible!
Josh is so excited to wear his crocs to school ..... here is the convo when I pick him up :
Me: " How was your day "
J: " Great , I showed everyone my crocs"
Me: " What did they think"
J: " They all laughed at them , but they really liked them"
J: " Mom , Can I get a black pair of crocs too"
Me: " You will have to save your allowance for 5 weeks"
J: " OH COOL!" I am saving right now "

As I sit in the front of the car , I feel this little smile coming over my face! I love having my son and I know it is great to have a little girl to share all the shopping thing with , but Josh made my day in that department ! He loves Crocs!!
Last night he asked Kate if he could get his allowance 5 days in a row instead of weeks so he could get his crocs faster . Gotta love the way he thinks!

This morning he asked me if we could go to the store that has them so he could see them. I have never seen him this excited over a toy .....I have created a croc monster !!! LOL

I can't wait to have a picture taken with Donna Downey and Josh in their Crocs ! I tell him this is the Croc Lady . He just giggles.


  1. jocelyn11:00 AM

    OMG, what a cute picture. I love how you can see the holes in Josh's jeans. I don't think I'll get crocs on Max or Jared's feet, but I have noticed Max sneaking mine on when I'm not looking, LOL.

    PS. I love your blog :)

  2. Lori from VA1:43 PM

    My 8yo son bugged me non-stop for a pair of crocs of his own after I got mine...finally got him some this week and he loves them..wore them to school and thankfully, everyone else liked them too! Are those Rub-ons on the Crocs??