Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday morning Thanks !

My Friend Lisa , loving Urban Couture! This is pure happiness ! The past two weeks have been a blur at memory lane, pa . We have put in so many new items from our shopping at CHA that even our customers are saying "where are you going to put it all "
All the products are just pure eye candy and each day as I walk in the door , I get a smile on my face knowing that this is Sarah and I's place. Just two girls with a dream that has become reality. We have the most wonderful customers, they actually are much more then customers....they have become friends . I look so forward to seeing these ladies as much as possible. I miss them when they are away. They let me know if they are going on vacation , they bring their husbands in to meet us. This is more then a "store" . This is our little piece of heaven, this is our community center.
We now have a design team , and I have to tell you these 8 girls are creating more excitement each time they post on the board or come in the store also. We LOVE having them on our memory lane, pa team !!
The Crew ....I can not say enough about Wendy, Christina , Deena, Jen, Kathy and Tobi. These ladies take care of mlpa just like it is their own. They are always giving our customers the best service , w/smile !
I am just so HAPPY to be living my dream and want to thank all of you for being in my dream with me !!
Enjoy your Sunday !!

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  1. I feel like a celebrity! How cool am I, on your blog!!! I am emailing everyone to check it out! I'll give you one guess as to which paper I used for my frame... And thank you and Sarah for creating mlpa.