Tuesday, March 28, 2006

some great family time! After a world wind weekend with the fab Donna D it is nice to have some down time. A Pajama day was in order !! Well at least a PJ morning . This is great with the dogs , Josh and Kate being here just hanging out.
I have also been creating ...will post some pics soon .
I also got some great buys at IKEA with Donna and Sarah ....yeah I am filling those jars up and will take pics soon . I have been redesigning my studio in my mind for months now and think I will have to take the plunge soon and change it around. I have 4 windows in the room and I am just trying to figure out how to make it all work. I think I have it almost worked out in my head. With the upcoming yard sale at mlpa coming it would be a good time to move things around and clean out the stuff I just am not using .
Also getting ready for Scrappin Away Weekend in allentown this weekend. My friend Bridget is coming in and I have missed her very much ! I can't believe it has been almost a year !! She also hasn't seen mlpa and I am excited about that.

On the Josh front , he is just amazing me so much . It is scarey how he is maturing everyday. He had a challenge last week to sit still in school for 5 days. He is in constant motion and I wanted him to start thinking about staying still at times he needs to . So he got a reward for doing that last week . Then this week he is just doing it . That makes me so proud . He also had to do 4 things at school to get his name on this wall of fame thing. He had to say his phone # , Address, Count to 100 and also tie his shoes. Well It was too funny because he wears crocs to school so I had to go and get him a pair of sneakers to tie so he could actually do that one ! I was laughing !! My Croc kid!!
We have been playing with the timer on my camera , it is fun the pics we get out of it .
So this week is little strange , after all the build up of Donna D coming and now it seems a little quiet. Altho I know that many are getting ready for a weekend of cropping at S A V E ! I can't believe it is a year old . Lots has happened in a year ....I am one very blessed lady !

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  1. Hi Rollie!
    So glad to find you - through Donna's webpage :)
    My partner and I have 6 kids - and I'm so happy to find another family with two moms in the scrapbook world!! Yay for you!