Monday, March 27, 2006

Rock On !!

Is this not the coolest !! Karen thanks for the pic , I am enjoying it very much !!

Then there was another favorite moment when they came to sing happy birthday to Donna at Fridays, ....yeah it wasn't exactly her birthday yet . But then again she wouldn't be here for her birthday so we had to celebrate a little early is all . Embarrassed.....just a little .

This is another favorite pic of the weekend for me . Dani is one of my favorite people on this planet and I snapped this pic at TGIF's . They could be sistas!! Oh and Dani is still talking about getting carted , you go girl !! I think it is funny as her , Christina and I were just talking on Friday about being 20 lbs lighter and our younger days. I told you you still rock!!
This was a great weekend. We just had so much fun and we got to meet a wonderful gal .
Sarah and I are just having fun watching all the excitement at mlpa and we hope that you are too. Donna will be back at some point ! We will all rest up and get ready for the next time.
Looks like I have her in a frigin headlock !! LOL I really didn't tho. In a short time , Donna came to town , we had lots of laughs ...she made lots of womyn smile and she shopped at Ikea !! She wrote on the wall at the store and then she was off to her next adventure. Some people come into your life and leave a piece of them with you when they leave. DD Rocks !
Now everyone go play with their sanding blocks, modge podge and of course your drills!! Safely tho!!


  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Hey Rollie,
    The pictures are great! I had such a awesome time this weekend! One that will go down in the history books. Donna is the best, down to earth, and very easy to talk to. Loved, loved, loved her class and picked up all kinds of tid bits too! Hey and you rock also! Hard to believe 7 months ago I hardly knew you-now it seems I've know you all of my life! I have formed so many terrific relationships through the store. You figure I knew NO ONE, when I moved here-especially that scrapped. So finding you and Sarah, has been a blessing-I found friendship and people who are just as obsessed with scrapping as I am! a true 2fer! dani

  2. Rollie - SO COOL meeting you and hanging out at your awesome store. Thanks for setting up the Donna workshops. . .if I keep going to them she will think I'm following her! LOL

    Anway - looking forward to my next trip to Quakertown!


  3. Looks like fun!! I just met Donna recently when she was here in Minnesota...what a doll:)