Friday, March 17, 2006

Life is Good !

Love that we just see happy happy faces all day long !! Here is my friend Maria ! Shopping away at memory lane, pa . It is so kewl to be in a place that is just so happy , no stress all day . ( Well I stress a little ) but not that much .
It is just great to have this in our lifes, a place to go and just be happy , to touch paper and product that just gets us giddy inside ...that makes our creative juices flow !! I have a hard time leaving somedays . It is my safe haven, it is something I am good at . I am also having a great time because there is balance happening in my life. Each day I feel I get closer to balancing between living my dream of having a store and also having a great family. I am also getting in my crop room at home more . Not as much as I would like ...but I feel it coming . I am just wonderfully happy in my life right now !! Gosh this is just a great feeling . Time for some sleep :)


  1. Oh, good Lord, is all I have to say. To open up your wonderful blog to see my face was certainly a surprise!! Thanks, sweetie, for including me in your circle of friends. Love ya, Maria

  2. I don't know which is cuter-the paper or Maria =)