Saturday, March 18, 2006


Some things SUCK ...somethings DON'T SUCK as much !

Being a Mom doesn't suck !
Getting to look at my beautiful boy every day doesn't suck !
Watching these two little guys become friends doesn't suck !
Owning memory lane, pa with Sarah doesn't suck !
Being in my studio creating doesn't suck !
Having GREAT friends doesn't suck !

People blowing you off SUCKS!
Quizonos being out of Prime Rib Sandwiches SUCKS!
Running out of adhesive SUCKS!

Nothing I can do about the things that suck, they are not within my control in a way that sucks too ! I am about to do my journaling for a project , but I am in a bit of a funk because someone just let me down. I guess I wouldn't be so upset ...except I didn't think this person would let me down so it is cutting me deeper. After a month and a half of planning for something and at the last day before it is to happen , getting blown off just sucks. Yep they felt that the other thing was more important ...maybe it is to them . I just think it sucks.

So I am here writing so I can clear my head and get to the happy spot I need to be to journal on my project . I don't want any negativity going into this wonderful project, so this is like breathing out loud.
I think I will go use some primas and pretty paper ....the world is so much less sucky with pretty things like paper and primas in it.


  1. Shirley10:09 AM

    I've had a friend do this to me too. And your SUCKS! Takes that friend qualities and list the good and bad. Use the good ones and let the bad ones fall where they may. I used to let things like this bother me alot when I was younger. At my age now, I just can't let it bother me anymore. It takes too much energy I'd rather use elsewhere!

    Keep your chin up!

  2. Kim Burns2:14 PM

    I'm just glad Kim Burns isn't under the SUCKS column!!! Thanks again Rollie!

  3. Hey girl just wanted to know if you want me to email this to anyone special? Maybe the people who SUCK! Glad you could get it off your chest! Now I'm just glad it wasn't me who sucked! Can't wait to talk to you face to face to find out who really SUCKS!!! Your fan and friend, Connie

  4. Gosh, after today, I sure hope it isn't me that sucks, even though I know it wasn't me when you were mad the other day!!!
    We love ya, that's what matters most.