Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is it July yet ????

Ok I am not one to wish my life away ....but I am ready for Rehoboth Beach NOW!!! Every year for the past 8 years Kate and I have gone to Rehoboth Beach
for our summer beach vacation. It started out just the two of us , then we had two friends join us , and of course then Josh . Now we have been having 10 of us for the past 3 years. This year there will be 13 of us !!! We rent this great house we found last year. 2 story house with a porch . It is a little slice of paradise.
My Mom is coming up this year ( Hi MOM!) for the first time , she is really looking forward to it . I can't wait to capture her playing with Josh on the beach ! Josh loves his Grandma.
So this winter keeps going and going . It hasn't gotten to me till today when I saw the forcast and it is going to get colder as the week goes on . Record below normal temps. So I was sitting here sipping my coffee and just thinking how wonderful it will be to be on the beach sipping my coffee. I love to go down when everyone else is sleeping and watch the sunrise at the beach . I also love to watch the dolphins , and that is the best time of day to see them .
Sometimes just that little "calgon take me away moment" is all that you need to get up and get going .

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  1. Lori in Va9:55 AM

    Love, Love, Love Rehoboth friend Rosemary and I take our kids there every summer..usually only for a few days, but they are great days. Kids love Fun Land...and Grotto Pizza...and seagulls dive bombing us for maybe not loving THAT part!